8 Factors To Choosing A Courier Service

A courier service

Choosing the right courier service can be a hassle. 

If you own a business in Lagos, delivering your product safely and in time gives you an edge over your competitors. This is where a delivery service comes in, but how do you know the right courier to use?

What if all you want is an urgent courier for your personal use, which is the best fit for you?

In this article, we outline the top 8 factors to consider when choosing a courier service in Nigeria.

8 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Courier Service

A delivery service

1). Speed:

If you need the same-day courier or you want the delivery to be done within a specific timeframe, it is necessary to consider the speed of the courier service. 

What is the average speed of the courier? Is it the right fit for you?

2). Mode of delivery:

While considering the range of speed, also look at the mode of delivery and how well your goods would be handled. 

If you need an urgent courier that can bypass traffic, does the courier have provision for this? What about a van courier that lets you deliver large-sized goods?

Do they have the necessary facility to deliver sensitive goods like vaccines or food?

Check for the kind of goods the courier delivers and how well they can handle these goods.

3). Tracking Capability:

You must be able to track your goods throughout the delivery process.

A courier service that makes it easy to track the location of your goods is a preferred option.

4). Additional Service:

Apart from the standard delivery service, does the courier offer additional services? Is there a door-to-door delivery or does the recipient come to their pick-up station? What about warehousing and packaging?

5). Insurance:

If you are going to be transporting valuable goods or confidential documents, getting an insurance cover is a must. This lets you file a claim if your goods get damaged during transit.

The courier service you choose should give a detailed insurance policy.

6). Pricing:

The smart option is to choose a cheap courier. But remember that the most important factor in choosing a delivery service is how accountable they can be for your goods.

Instead of opting for a cheap courier, go for a courier that offers quality service at a reasonable price.

While prioritizing quality service, ensure that you are making your decision based on the final cost. Some courier services have hidden costs.

7). Experience:

How long has the courier been in business? How familiar are they with the transit process? What are their customer reviews?

Choosing a delivery service that has handled goods similar to yours and has worked for a longer period is an ideal option.

8). Customer service:

The courier you choose should have responsive customer service that can help in cases of emergencies.

This is non-negotiable if you run a business and the goods delivered are for your customers.

The friendliness of the courier you use leaves an impression of your business on your customers. 

The Best Courier Service in Nigeria

When it comes to packages, you want them to be in good hands, delivered on time, and with no damage. The better the delivery service, the more likely you are to reach your target market and retain them.

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